Hailing from Yorkshire (Leeds to be exact!),

The Yum are a Indie Rock band.

The Yum’s current line-up have been established since September 2014.

Whilst the band are relatively new, their chemistry on stage is unbreakable.

The Yum's sound has developed organically and continues to mature with each track they write and play.

Their music is about their life and experiences. It can be melodic, warm, energetic and authentic.


Our own brand of music could vaguely be described as Fleetwood Mac colliding head on

with Brit Pop with some Heartland Rock chucked in for good measure!


Vocals - Lianne Kilbride

When she's in the moment, Lianne's voice could move the moon! The band has all been flabbergasted ever since they first met her. She's a woman of many talents and a bloody awesome frontwoman we love jamming with!

Drums - Russ Greenwood

The lazy sod that is always sat down on the job is Russ Greenwood ! Great drummer - took up drumming to show off his tattoos and developed a real passion for it! Really gets into the spirit of things ...he can never hear a damn word we say to him but he smiles anyway!

Guitar - Kriss Roberts

Mr rhythm king, Kriss Roberts plays the rhythm and lead guitar piece of the band. From having self taught himself from a young age, he also teaches others, and boy oh boy, he can play them strings. He's a handsome man and a very handsome guitar player!

Guitar - Gonzalo Garcia

A very crazy extraordinaire with his strings. As lead guitarist, Gonzo knows how to bloody pluck 'em! With his Spanish charm, he has all the senoritas on their knees bowing down to praise the Lord Almighty when he plays on stage!

Bass - Dom Winn

Dom likes to have his fingers in all pies, as he plays with many bands. Being a regular dep bass for us, he has been smashing every gig with his speedy strumming skills. He's a kick arse bassist and a wholesome guy.

The Yum are driven to deliver hightastic vibes.

Our pleasure is feeling your enjoyment!

We are in demand for festivals , corporate events, weddings,

private parties and can supply a complete evening entertainment

including a disco to give you a very special night to remember.


Love and Stuff from



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